your face reminds me of home

Sometimes all we need in a partner is peace. A quiet, calming assurance of happiness. Not totally happiness though; it’s just a belief that without the presence of happiness, we still will be alright.

The beautiful, charming physical appearance will fade one day. Not every time you will be amazed by intelligence also. Not even the adventure’s intimacy, but the quietness after that.

A place where you grow together, not just with age but also with healing. When you get scared and look at the person, you feel everything is going to be alright. It is not necessary for the other to make it alright. Just the presence will do.

When you come back after a long tiring day, you don’t need to say everything. Because silence has already found its language between you.

Sometimes when you need to vent, the person is all ears. And though they understand that you’re overreacting, they still believe in you.

When you get up from a bad dream, you know you have someone beside you to crawl into and an arm around you will hold you tightly. Because they know, even if you are brave; sometimes you do get scared.

When you don’t know what happened but want to cry, they will be the shoulder without making you feel weak for being vulnerable.

They know that you are broken. They know that you are scared. Yet, whenever you see their faces, it feels fine.

Because my dear, the face reminds you of home.

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