do you choose yourself?

Let me tell you a story. A simple, kind hearted and little stupid girl who never felt beautiful or talented. Nobody taught her how to love herself. Nobody told her that she was brilliant. She was an average, normal, ordinary girl. Being ordinary was not bad, nobody told her.

She never knew how to express love. She had always felt that she’s not enough. She couldn’t become what others wanted. And she didn’t know what it means to be herself.

And one day, she broke her heart into pieces. She felt stupid, guilty and less than others. She couldn’t forgive herself for letting someone treat her like this.

Now she’s scared to do all of those things again. But she forgets that one girl. That little girl who wasn’t scared of being silly, taking pictures without thinking about her weight or the body shaming. That little girl laughed to the fullest. She wants to love this girl with all her imperfections and scars.

Dear future one, it’s been ages that I have chosen me. But now, I want to sit with myself and talk through the grief, heartbreak, shame, fear, anger, frustration. She needs me more than anything.

So when you will meet me, either you will meet the broken one or the strongest one. But let me tell you, may whatever the self it would be; she can love with all her heart.

Till then, let me be with me.
This valentine’s day, I choose me.
So that I could love others with all my heart.

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