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Hello Storylovers!

My name is Fariana, a literature graduate, content writer, editor and book lover. From my childhood, I have been creating fictional worlds with the magic of words and imagination.  I have never thought that my love for books and story would become my life and later work.

Being a literature student was kind of an accident but it was a blessing in disguise. It helped me understand my calling. Life is unexpected like books. Long story short, right now my life revolves around word, story, book, and writing. 

Like other booklovers, I dream of writing my book one day. Till then, let’s talk about others’ stories and books.

I have been dreaming of starting a blog for almost 3 years. And one day, a message, an unexpected offer and my procrastination had to leave to start my blog. 

And now, we are here. 

You will get here

  • Book reviews
  • Book recommendations
  • Occasional travel stories
  • Movie/film reviews or musings
  • Stories from the biggest book called life


Contact me if you need

  • Book reviews
  • Editing your manuscript
  • Writing
  • Movie/film reviews or musings
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