aman the angel-kal ho naa ho

I remember watching “Kal Ho Naa Ho” and taking a pause while watching this scene. I looked up, checked my window, searching for Aman, that one light at the end of the tunnel. Now when I think about it, it feels childish and illogical. But back then, it was my reality. I have known always that there’s no angel coming up to save me, to take my pains, to make me happy, to make me fall in love with myself. Yet, every time I watched this scene; I found myself searching for Aman.

I know, when I rant about my fear, trust issues or anger about love, life and everything else at some random restaurant or coffee shop with my girlfriends; no-one is watching me.
I know when I am crying over my heartbreak asking myself why I loved the wrong one; no-one is watching me.
I know, there’s no one back then and no-one is right now. And trust me, I don’t want to depend on anyone to save me.

Yet, something is magical about this movie, this particular scene. A comfort to know that Aman is here. I believed it and used to pray whenever I felt pain. Hoping someday I would find the light at end of the tunnel.

Time is changing. People don’t waste a single time to take down him. But he’s and will always be our comfort and love of our lives. SRK is our childhood. We have loved this man for our entire lives.
We can only spread love and kindness despite everything, like him always.

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