welcome home by najwa zebian

What is home for you?

 For me, it’s the feeling of belonging, where I can be me unapologetically.

 “Welcome Home” by Najwa Zebian is a book based on this theme: home. Making a home within yourself, discovering a true sense of belonging within yourself, relying on yourself, accepting and loving the authentic you, and creating the love you seek in others

The writer herself had a difficult experience of finding her true belonging. Born and raised in Lebanon, she needed to move to Canada at the age of 16. This displacement had created a scar in her heart. She found herself in her writing when she started teaching a group of young refugees.

Again, this is not the best self-help book. And the theme is not totally unique. But still, there were parts that I liked. 

I could relate to the difficulty of belonging. I don’t have the same experience as she. But I often ask this question about where I belong.

Even though it’s not a brand new theme, I enjoyed reading it. Her tone and voice seemed real and friendly. It felt like she was talking to me directly. There were parts where I truly connected with her.

The author compared our lives to the home we need to build. Self-acceptance and self-awareness are the foundation of the home. Self-love, compassion, clarity, forgiveness, surrender, and dream garden are the parts and rooms in the home. Each room has its own function and necessity in our lives. 

I felt the chapters could be tightened and more concise with a little bit more editing. Finding and doing everything by myself felt exhausting sometimes.

Did you read this book? What was your experience?

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