The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down: How to Be Calm and Mindful in a Fast-Paced World by Haemin Sunim

I picked up this book months ago but couldn’t finish it. Then I started again and this time it went well.

Did I love this book?
Did I like this book?

There was nothing new that I didn’t know before. But I am someone who loves to read nonfiction self-help books. Maybe I am kinda desperate to find the answers of my tangled mind. Maybe I am scared of looking into myself. What if I don’t like the answer.

This book is all about looking into your mind and soul. Containing different areas of life in different chapters, the writer tries to give us that piece of calm and soothing feeling we all are searching for here and there.

Each chapter starts with some of his personal experiences then followed by easy, simple, chunk size summary or ways to achieve the goal of the chapter.

Sometimes I agree with the writer and sometimes not. You can’t apply everything from these books. You should not even. What I love about the writing is the calmness. Even something was repetitive. Still, there was a touch of meditative calmness.

This book is something like a meditation in the form of a book. You keep this beside your bed and read a little bit every time you need to calm down yourself. Anyone who is starting their journey to mindfulness, this book could be your guide.

Another thing I have found recently is these self-help books are based on the environment the writers are living in. Which is normal but the way we are living, in between hot summer, crazy work, traffic, judgemental people; I don’t know if we ever could apply half of the steps they say.

Why is there nothing that we can relate to? Or for us who just can’t give savage replies to anyone and live our lives on our own terms?

What do you think about this?

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