An evening with the worst coffee

A few days ago, a video said if you are scared of or anxious about anything, you should make dua about that. So I made a dua for all of my pain and fears and surrendered them to Allah.

You see, our creator knows everything. So it’s easy to have a conversation with him. Yesterday after iftar, when a cold breeze touched me suddenly, I felt my prayers had been accepted. I don’t know why, but I did feel it.

I believe everything happens for a reason. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t say this to everyone who is struggling, or worse, someone who has lost a loved one. I don’t even believe that pain makes you stronger or that time heals everything. Because it doesn’t. It just makes us used to it. And I don’t deserve to be in pain to make myself stronger. Believe me, every day I ask Allah why some of the worst things happen to the best people I know.

I am someone who feels guilty if I can’t solve someone’s problem. Sometimes I even feel guilty about other people’s pain, even if I am not the one who caused it.

But every time I wanted something and didn’t get it, it has always been replaced with a better one. Being a pessimist, when I think it will be the worst in the future, I think about my creator and how he took care of me.

So when that evening, me and my girls went to our coffee ritual and had the worst coffee, we were sad and disappointed. But I thought later that it gave us another reason to laugh. It reminded us of the past and the future good coffee moments.

It’s not a preaching post. I am only talking about my gratitude and learning from my few experiences. There will be good coffee moments, bad coffee moments, and then the worst. But if you somehow survive the storm, there could be a gentle breeze with blooming flowers in the woods.

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