I had found out years ago that people no longer cared for your well being or mental health. After a certain age, people are only concerned about your success. I wasn’t ok with it but I tried to ignore it. Until, I realized this concern changed when you are a woman. Then they are concerned about your marital status and then kids. I was still ignoring it thinking that it would come from the nosy relatives or aunties. Until it started coming from my peers and juniors. I was still trying to convey my message politely and directly. Until I realized that people no longer respect this personal space and keep asking the same question over and over.

So here I am. A single woman in her late 20’s still figuring out what I want in life, trying to love and accept myself, healing from past experience and inner demons; while fighting with the age old perspective of people.

For me being a woman means always fighting with the label people try to put on me while trying to figure out who I actually am underneath those labels.

Being a woman means I can do everything but not necessarily do all that just to glorify the burdens. Being a woman means not to settle for less when I know that I deserve more.

Being a woman means not to fit in any box of perfect woman or strong woman. Because I define what it means to be a woman. Neither I judge someone nor I let others judge me for their insecurities. Being a woman means to be in the universal sisterhood to lift up other women.

To be with my friend who feels guilty as a mother for choosing some ‘me time.’ To be with my friends who feel guilty to choose someone against their families. To be with my friend who feels guilty of not being enough for her loved ones. To the friend who fights patriarchy, to the friends who are working hard to pursue their dreams, to the sisters who fight for their rights, to the mothers who forget who they are other than being mothers.

To each and everyone out there, girls, you inspire me every day, every moment. I see you, hear you and love you.

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