dear heart, will you be ok?

Dear heart,
Let us have a one to one conversation. Let’s sit here with a cup of tea or coffee.
I promise I will be kind to you the way I am trying to be kind with others. Let’s talk.

I promise I will try my best to understand everything that is making you overwhelmed. I promise I will accept every emotion you have. Let’s share.

I promise I won’t judge you like the rest of the world. I promise I won’t compare your suffering to others achievements. I promise I won’t make you feel guilty about being sad. Let’s trust each other.

I promise I will help you in healing your pain. I promise I won’t make fun of your scars. Let’s face it.

I promise I will listen to every rant you have. I promise I won’t say you are overthinking. Let’s start.

Dear heart, it has been while we talked to each other. This time, let’s be selfish and be kind to us. You can’t run away from your pain, regrets. You have to forgive yourself.
Cry, as much as you want. But next moment wipe off your tears and sit in silence. Listen what it is saying to you. Take time to heal. You are not in competition.

Dear heart, let’s be a team this time.
Shall we?

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