This is My Liberation Notes

I started watching this series after my childhood bestie Safa recommended it. I honestly don’t know what drew me to the series or why I kept watching this.

I am not writing a review or anything about the series’s message or plot or anything. Because I don’t know how to explain this with my little brain.

I can’t relate to the series or characters fully. Actually, in most cases, I don’t. But maybe the melancholy or the frustration to liberate oneself was my motivation to go through the series. 

Maybe the tiredness from going to work where your office is on the opposite side of the town. Maybe regretting not living in certain places because you are from a middle-class family. Maybe the distance from your work. 

Maybe the dysfunction in your family is not shown outside, but you can’t deny it or make others understand. 

Maybe not fitting in anywhere and being lonely. Maybe the hope of failing in love, being in love; but too scared to open your heart. Maybe trying to find those 5 minutes in a day to be happy. 

Maybe because this show is different from other aesthetic k-dramas. As it shows life and people as raw as possible.

Maybe all of those above or maybe only one reason, or maybe none. I don’t know exactly. 

But I know one thing for sure. I don’t know what to do either. I am not content.

And This is My Liberation Notes.

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