The Blackbird girls by anne blankman

This historical fiction is based on two different timelines in parallel. One is in 1986, the Soviet Union present Russia at Chernobyl. The second timeline is the second world war.
But mostly, this is a book of pure friendship, and beautiful kindness from strangers, from unexpected places at one of the most difficult times of human history. This is a story of two girls who didn’t like each other but became best friends forever under one of the worst circumstances one can ever find. Blackbird is a symbol of eternity. That’s what we find here.

“Distance between true friends doesn’t matter when their friendship lives in their hearts.”

The story starts with Valentina and Oksana, their fathers work in a nuclear power station at Chernobyl. Valentina and her family were Jews, so it’s hard for them to survive there but they tried their best to follow all the protocols and government rules. This book will show you how people are treated differently because of their religion and race. Everything was fine till the power stations exploded. Before they knew anything, Oksana along with Valentina’s mother was going to Valentina’s grandmother’s house. Both of the girls started their new life with the grandmother. 
I want to talk about one particular scene where Oksana was rubbing Valentina’s shoulder after knowing about the accident. It’s a tiny moment but this automatic response was the start of their friendship. 
There we got to know about Oksana’s abusive parents and how she never felt worthy of love. It shows how abusive relationships make us feel about ourselves and the people we love. It was heartbreaking and real.
In 1941, Rifka is running, running from the Germans. Here we find one beautiful dialogue by her mom. She said, “It’s because I love you that I am sending you away.” And you will see the snippet of the impacts of war on people, on families, and again kindness from unexpected places. Where people are just nice to help others.
I am leaving you with this quote.
“By saving someone, you are doing holy work. So you owe the person you save a debt because they are the reason you did a sacred deed.

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