Story of food, long conversation and coffee with special appearance of books.

Two weeks before, I met my bestie for my monthly hangout. We met, had lunch, did a mandatory coffee ritual and had  a long conversation about everything.

Friendship is a different kind of relationship. You get to choose them yet it feels like destiny. You need to work on them yet it feels like effortless. You spend years with them yet it feels like just yesterday.

Female friendship is different. You don’t need to make them understand your deepest scars or fear. Every time you open up to them, they will share some of the same incidents with you. They will know what you are feeling, your anger, frustrations, helplessness, everything.

They will see you through your guard. They will understand what you are hiding subconsciously. They will cheer you up, motivate you and will be proud of you genuinely.

With every hangout, every conversation over a cup of coffee; I am discovering myself even more with my girlfriends. 

I say that I breathe in books and words. Safa believes books are my perfect match.

Where would you find people like them who understand you wholeheartedly?

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