An evening at Baily Road and the coffee shop

It was another hangout, another mandatory coffee ritual, just an ordinary evening; at the heart of my life, Baily road.

I was with my girls having coffee after a heavy lunch. The place was however alive and the night was still young. We sat in a small, cosy coffee shop which is famous for its warmth and comfort. It was my first time having coffee there. Our last experience was the worst, so we were having doubts about the current one.

The coffee shop was around the corner of the road, just opposite my college. It was small, simple and full of life. The yellow lighting gave a warm welcome.

There were families, couples, friend groups; every kind of people. As I said, the place was small but it didn’t feel that anyone was disturbed by the noise.

The coffee was good. What makes them different from others is this is a real meaning of coffee shops. Little, cosy, around the corner; it has this feeling of home.

Sipping up coffee, enjoying the evening with the sights of busy road were all we needed to start our next week. I have only spent my 11th and 12th here, yet this place makes me feel at home. Compared to my university where I had spent more than 5 years, this place is still close to my heart.

Baily road has its charm and beauty. Some evenings like this are enough to make a trip down memory lane and bring nostalgia making a new memory to cherish forever.

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