The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho

‘The Little Book of Skin Care’ by Charlotte Cho is a complete guideline of Korean skin care and beauty.

Skin care is not about fair skin or feeling low about yourself. It’s just taking care of your skin like other parts of your body. I have seen people who judge others for both doing and not doing skin care. Also, people think it’s only for women. But in Korea, everyone’s well aware of this. It’s in their lifestyle. And the best part, no-one is judging. For them, a glowing and healthy skin is the goal of skin care. So, a healthy and stress free lifestyle is also very important for a healthy skin.

Charlotte was introduced to this when she arrived in Korea for work purposes. She has written down the famous ten steps Korean skin care routine with her favorite products and where to find them. She also writes about the no-make up makeup look which I loved a lot. Last but not the least, she gave a guide to Seoul for eating, shopping and more.

Now let me go through the ten steps Korean skin care routine:
First and the most important, remove your make-up first. For eye make-up, put the make-up remover on for 10-15 seconds to remove them easily.
1. Oil based Cleanser: to remove the dust easily. Use warm water to wash, it works better. You can also massage your face during this time.
2.Water Based Cleanser
3.Exfoliating: weekly 1/2 times.
4.Toner: To reset the pH level of your skin.
5.Essence: To hydrate and brighten your skin.
7.Sheet Mask: weekly 2 /3 times in a week to hydrate the skin.
8.Eye Cream
9.Moisturizer: The most important thing, don’t skip this one.
10.Sunscreen: Don’t forget to use it
For no-make up makeup look: bb/cc cream or cushion compact, draw eyebrows , eye liner, lip tint/lip balm and highlighter; that’s it.

Growing up, I was not a fan of skin care as I thought it meant I was not beautiful enough. Nobody taught me that it’s good for your skin and it’s ok to take care of your skin. Do as much you can and you want. Take care of yourself and your skin.

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