notes on grief by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

T.W. Death

Grief comes with different layers with the change of time. It changes with the reason behind it. You can not compare between emotions but losing a loved one to death is probably the biggest and hardest to swallow.

If someone leaves you, there is a good chance to see that person in future. At least, you know that they are somewhere on the same planet. But death, that person is just gone; forever. I can not be comfortable with the idea that one person is just gone forever.

It comes with shock at first, then disbelief or denial. There’s pain of losing one, sadness of regret, anger for the situation. And then comes numbness, emptiness; a void that will never be filled. A scar that will never be healed. 

I don’t believe that time can heal every wound, at least not this one. We just learn to go through it. We just learn to live with it. Every day, grief comes with its silent steps and covers a tiny moment. We feel that in our body, thoughts. 

Chimamanda lost her father during covid lockdown. In this short novel, she shared her mental situation in the process of grief. 

I don’t know how to review such personal writing. It was heavy and it felt intimate. It is a universal feeling and a lifelong fear. Life is so uncertain, one moment we are talking about the future and the next moment we are gone. 

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