Highly Sensitive People in an Insensitive World: How to Create a Happy Life by Ilse Sand

I remember one time, someone behaved very rudely to me because I couldn’t response quickly. I wasn’t my good state that day.
I am not saying that you need to know what everyone is going through. I am just saying you could be kind to everyone because you don’t know what everyone is going through.

This book is one of my favourite read from last year. The author writes about the highly sensitive people, their characteristics, struggles and ways to navigate through the world. It can be a great book to understand yourself if you are a highly sensitive person and also to know the ways to be with a highly sensitive person.

I loved the book because I felt seen and heard. I felt that I am not the one and it’s ok to feel like this.

Some of my takeaways from the book.

-The idea of ‘highly sensitive person’ was introduced by Elaine Aron (1997). She showed us that being introverted and highly sensitive are not the same thing.

-It’s hard to take things lightly for us. We easily get affected by others’ behavior and can sense a slight change in them. So we feel it’s our responsibility to do everything.

-They are compassionate and good listeners so they can do pretty good in care work.

-Study shows that sensitive children are less likely to cheat or act selfishly even if no-one is watching them.

-They can become inconsiderate or be difficult to be with if they’re overstimulated or overwhelmed.

-They think others will be considerate like them. And as they take time to care, it makes them slow in responding.

-They are good at imagining both good and worst scenarios.

-Sensitive people are not good at arguing or fighting. Because they are considerate and don’t want to hurt others.

– Sensation-seeking sensitive person is someone who gets bored with repetition but also gets exhausted with adventure.

It’s ok to feel this way. You need to accept yourself, love yourself, give the love and care that you show to others.
You don’t need to take all the responsibilities, let others understand that.
Understand your trigger and feelings to control the situation.

You matter. Take care of yourself. You can make difference just simply with your presence.

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